Sofiro dress

frá PBO
49.980 kr.
SKU PBSOFIRO236-4010_2387
Color: PBO_911
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PBO silkikjóll

Nánari lýsing: ,,This loosely fitted dress is defined by its refined silhouette and intricate detailing. Featuring a half-way placket opening, the dress boasts precise cuttings at the waist and the middle of the sleeves, creating a sculptural effect. The stand-up collar is secured with mother-of-pearl buttons, and the raglan sleeves along with regular cuffs with button closure add a classic touch. The back waist can be tightened with a button-loop closure for a slimmer appearance. The abstract bleeding flower print on a black base gives the dress a striking and artistic expression."

Efnislýsing:  93% silki og 7% spandex