Polly bridge sandals

frá Via Vai
Upprunalegt verð 31.980 kr.
Núv. verð 15.990 kr.
SKU VIA60020_49
Color: VIA_236
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Via Vai sandalar

Nánari lýsing: "Hot item alert! Are you looking for the ultimate open sandal with heel? Look no further: Polly Bridge is a real showstopper. The perfect combination of classy, stylish and feminine. This suede sandal has a charming brown buckle on the toe and at the ankle. This gives the Polly Bridge sandals a stylish retro look. The heel has the perfect height, so you can stroll on this shoe all evening. Bring on those sultry summer evenings!

Our favorite combination: wear the Polly Bridge sandals under a long flowy skirt or dress to create a romantic look. You also create a cool look in an instant by combining the sandals with baggy jeans. Polly Bridge completes every outfit!


  • Adjustable straps at the ankle
  • Decorative buckle on the nose
  • Sturdy block heel"