LANEY 06 boots

23.980 kr.
SKU LEM10020177_9

Lemon Jelly ökklaskór

Nánari lýsing: "Light shades colour these vegan beige boots so you can face rainy days with a smile. Soft and casual but still with that down-to-earth attitude you like, their energy is undeniable and will be the final touch in your outfits matched with skirts and patterns. Besides the sustainable production in a factory powered by renewable clean energy, these cute chunky boots are also vegan. Cool right?"


  • Microfiber absorbent insole with brand transfer
  • Glossy finishing
  • Dual side elastic panels
  • Ankle boot in PVC, complient with REACH european health and environmental standards against the effects of noxious substances
  • Lemon Scent
  • Sole in TR
  • Heel with 4,5cm