High neck sweater

frá LaSalle
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Núv. verð 23.490 kr.
SKU BBV22.AN.02_1677

LaSalle rúllukragapeysa

Nánari lýsing: "A seasonal bestseller. This heavy knitted high neck with ribbed detail will surely be your favorite sweater this winter.  Because of the blend of yarns this sweater is chunky but not heavy or too warm.  The ajour detail makes it a stand out piece.  Pair with leather trousers or a dress for a cosy winter look. 

  • high neck that can be left standing or folded 
  • long sleeves
  • heavy knit
  • ajour knitted pattern throughout
  • for a slimmer fit order one size smaller"

Efnislýsing: 40% ull, 25% nælon, 25% viskós og 10% kasmír