Leg vitalizer Lufthansa TI 40 den

frá Falke
4.980 kr.
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Color: FAL_3009
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Nánari lýsing: "Increased ease of movement and energy for your legs – whether sitting, standing, or walking. This item is characterised by its superior comfort and freedom of movement, as well as its perfect fit thanks to the ergonomic left/right foot shaping and crease-free positioning on your leg. Improved ease of movement and more energy thanks to improved circulation and better oxygen supply to the legs Ideal support on plane, train or car journeys, and during long periods of sitting, standing, or walking Beautiful silhouette and slim legs thanks to invisible support function Superior comfort thanks to extra-wide, supple waistband Unusually even mesh look thanks to 3D knitting technique."

Efnislýsing: 64% nælon og 36% teygja