Krystal pants

frá Cambio
29.980 kr.
SKU CAM8299-0300-00-40_88
Color: CAM_40
Color Name

Cambio buxur

Lýsing: "This trousers in the color pearl (light beige) elegantly combine style and comfort. Made from high-quality cotton and polyamide, it offers first-class quality and a comfortable fit. Their timeless design makes them versatile to combine, whether for a casual leisure look or for business occasions. The subtle Pearl color gives the trousers a subtle elegance and can be harmoniously combined with various outfits and shades. With their exquisite workmanship and attractive cut, the Krystal trousers are an enrichment for any wardrobe and skilfully underline your individual style."

Efnislýsing: 50% pólýamíð, 43% bómull og 7% teygja