Gioia Fade

frá Via Vai
44.980 kr.
SKU VIA61057_243
Color: VIA_900
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Via Vai ökklaskór

Nánari lýsing: "Get to know our newest Western boot! Gioia Fade is the latest black leather ankle boot in the fall collection. This boot is a real showstopper with its stitching. The high heel gives the ankle boots a feminine, elegant look. The pull-on loops and pointed nose complete the western style boot. Gioia Fade is not to be missed!

How to wear? Gioia Fade is extremely versatile. Style the western ankle boots with leather pants and wool sweater, or pair them with a midi skirt for a feminine look."


  • Pointed toe
  • Sloping block heel
  • Western style stitching
  • Functional zipper on the inside