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frá Hést
47.980 kr.
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Við erum að kynna nýtt norskt vörumerki – HÉST!

Nánari lýsing: "One of the ladies behind it is Märtha Louise and together with Monica and Anne-Kari they have in a short time built a fantastic product that you are sure to love! The sweater is bestseller and signature sweater for Hést! Oversized model with loose and high neck. The sweater has wide sleeves, a nice print and are longer at the back. It comes in two sizes - see sizes below:

Size 1
Back length: 73cm
Arm length: 65cm

Size 2
Back length: 75cm
Arm length: 70cm

Efnislýsing: 13% mohair, 35% merino ull, 49% nylon og 3% teygja