Falke step medium cut

frá Falke
1.980 kr.
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Color: FAL_4011
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Sokkar frá Falke

Nánari lýsing: "These invisibles in FALKE Family quality are particularly skin-flattering due to the high cotton content and are therefore also suitable for sensitive feet. The FALKE Family quality is not only particularly skin-flattering, but also sustainable: the products are almost entirely made of FALKE – WE CARE – COTTON, a resource-saving and socially responsible cotton, supplemented by a small proportion of functional yarns for more elasticity and high material durability. Reinforced pressure zones additionally ensure longevity of the product. Highest possible wearing comfort thanks to the FALKE Perfect Fit and an anti-slip system in the heel area - these medium-cut invisibles are the ideal companions for medium-closed shoes, such as ballet flats and espadrilles."

Efnislýsing: 92% bómull, 5% pólýamið og 3% teygja