Tinka Chintz Dress

frá Mos Mosh
35.980 kr.
SKU MO137000_26287
Color: MOS_394
Color Name

Mos Mosh kjóll

Módelið er 177 cm á hæð og er í stærð S. 

Efnislýsing: 100% kúpró. 

Þvottaleiðbeiningar: 30°. 

Nánari lýsing: ,,An effortless take on this season’s vacation wear is to incorporate paisley print to your wardrobe. We love how the relaxed fit and tiered hem floats so elegantly when you move. The feminine gathered neckline with ties can be done up or left loose. Style yours with flat loafers for a casual lunch or style it with high heels for a night out."