Stone sweater

frá Goldbergh
26.980 kr.
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Color: GOL_9000
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Goldbergh Luxury Sports íþrottapeysa

Nánari lýsing: "Stone sweatshirt in an already typical minimalist concept and designs it for all women who need to indulge in a significant amount of comfort without having to compromise on the demands of fashion and style. The sweatshirt is presented in a practical color and a casual oversize cut, which allows you to wear additional layers of clothing underneath. It is made of high-quality thicker knitwear with a fleece reverse side providing thermal comfort during dry autumn days. In addition, it is very pleasant to the skin and offers a cozy feeling while wearing it. It is special with a decent stand that protects the neck from the cold and also emphasizes your unique style. Of course, there are long cuffed sleeves and a really shiny gold GOLDBERGH inscription on the chest in a hand lettering style."

Efnislýsing: 77% bómull, 20% pólýamíð og 3% teygja