Sensitive London L

frá Falke
2.200 kr.
SKU FA47686_2
Color: FAL_3009
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Sokkar frá Falke

Nánari lýsing: "This sock is especially kind to your skin thanks to the very high cotton content, making it ideal even for sensitive feet. The soft cotton also guarantees a pleasant, comfortable feel. The extra soft sensitive band, combined with the very flat seams and the anatomic Falke fit ensure outstanding comfort. Optimum durability guaranteed thanks to reinforced stress zones. FALKE Sensitive London is ideal for pressure-sensitive legs and the perfect everyday companion.

  • Cotton that caresses the skin
  • Soft comfort cuffs for pressure-free hold on leg
  • Flat whipped seam for pressure-free toes
  • Optimal durability thanks to reinforced stress zones
  • Anatomical FALKE fit (L/R)"

Efnislýsing: 94% bómull, 4% pólýamíð og 2% teygja