Pullover square cashmere

frá Yoek
Upprunalegt verð 26.980 kr.
Núv. verð 10.792 kr.
SKU YOB2505_1164
Color: YOE_250
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Peysa frá Yoek

Nánari lýsing: "Let's work on the amount of colours in your wardrobe! This basic pullover in a comfy square fit with dropped shoulders, is available in several colours of the rainbow. Made of a soft wool mix with rich cashmere. It can easily be combined casually with your favourite pair of jeans or more chic when styled with white trousers, for a fresh spring look."

Efnislýsing: 40% ull, 30% vískósi, 25% pólýamíð og 5% kashmere