Naomi Row Black Jeans

frá Mos Mosh
24.980 kr.
SKU MO140400_3132
Color: MOS_801
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Mos Mosh gallabuxur 

Efnislýsing: 94% bómull, 4% pólýester og 2% teygja. 

Þvottaleiðbeiningar: 30°

Nánari lýsing: ,,If you’re looking for black jeans with a twist, these are ideal. Designed in regular fit with high/mid-rise, allowing you to place them low on the hip for a casual look or pulled up in place for more sophistication. These are finished with silver tape and chains at front pockets at silver embroidery at back pocket. Pair with a classic shirt of turn it up a notch with tailored jacket."