Mullein cotton tunic

37.980 kr.
SKU BK12675-216-1051_457
Color: BIT_39
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Bitte Kai Rand peysa

Efnislýsing: 95 lífræn bómul og 5% kasmír 

Lengd: 83 cm í stærð S.  Fyrirsætan er 175cm og í stærð S

Þvottaleiðbeiningar: 30° ullarprógram

Nánari lýsing: ,,Knit trousers with wide two-tone ribbing and light flare at the bottom. The waist is elasticated and features a wide facing that has a flattering effect over the stomach. Made with organic cotton and cashmere that fall heavily and softly. When the wide ribbing follows the curves of the body, it creates a stunning effect. Perfect for the matching Mullein Striped Blouse but equally stunning with a simple blouse or sweater."