Midi dress

29.980 kr.
SKU SE60134574_35
Color: SEI_74
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Nánari lýsing: "Stylish fit - look stylish and classy in this midi-dress from Seidensticker's "The Connecting Neutrals" collection. It's a true classic that's great for casual wear or the office and looks great with countless outfits and looks. Our crepe is 100% viscose - the perfect fabric for your stylish dress sense. Your new dress is the perfect choice for stylish looks thanks to its plain pattern. This elegant dress is the perfect starting point for a chic outfit. Your new long-sleeve dress is the ideal choice for anyone who loves elegant looks. Plus a Stand-Up Collar for that classic yet smart look. Fine details include elegant mother-of-pearl buttons."

Efnislýsing: 100% viskós