Hoodie dress Laissez Faire

frá Yoek
24.980 kr.
SKU YOWL957770_1092
Color: YOE_210
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Yoek hettupeysa, síð.

Efnislýsing: 65% bómull og 35% pólýester. 

Nánari lýsing: ,,This long sweater-dress features an embroidered text on the front "Laissez Faire, Laissez Passer". The cuffs, collar and hem are made of soft velours for an elegant vibe. The dress has a wider fit and the hoodie can be tightened with a drawstring."

  • Fit: : Straight
  • Neckline: Capuchon
  • Sleeve length: Long sleeves
  • Fastening: No closure (No closure)