Goimo knit

frá PBO
Upprunalegt verð 34.980 kr.
Núv. verð 13.992 kr.
SKU PBGOIMO224-2475_4815
Color: PBO_46
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Peysa frá PBO

Nánari lýsing: "Nice knit in dark sand colour. The sweater is coarsely knitted and has a high neck. The sleeves are long and wide knit that looks like a puff. The model is short with the back slightly longer. It is really nice and deliciously soft to wear. It can easily be worn over a shirt or dresses, but is just as nice just as it is. The quality is lovely soft and does not scratch at all."

Efnislýsing: 80% lambaull og 20% pólýamíð