Gilles Cargo Pant

frá Mos Mosh
Upprunalegt verð 26.980 kr.
Núv. verð 8.094 kr.
SKU MO134120_2264
Color: MOS_110
Color Name

Mos Mosh cargo buxur

Efnislýsing: 63% ,,lyocell," 34% bómull og 3% teygja. 

Þvottaleiðbeiningar: 30°. 

Nánari lýsing: "You can always count on a pair of cargo pants to make you look cool. We love the super soft touch of these, crafted from cotton and lyocell-blend. They have a regular fit and mid-rise, flap pockets at each thigh and zipper pockets. We added zippers at the cropped hem to give them some edge. Style yours with a lightweight jumper and wear to the farmer’s marked on the weekends."