Fond de poudre 10 den

frá Falke
3.960 kr.
SKU FA40024_172
Color: FAL_4859
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Sokkabuxur frá Falke

Nánari lýsing: "A breath of diaphanous elegance - Luxurious sheer tights for breathtakingly beautiful legs. The innovative material flatters your legs and gives you a natural skin tone - like make-up on your skin. Ladder-resistant toe. Whether with a leisure, business or gala outfit - these elegant sheer tights guarantee a glamorous look. 10 den appearance.

  • Ultra-transparent sheer tights for ultra-delicate, flawless legs
  • High-quality flat seam panty section, comfort waistband, toe with soft seam and virtually invisible reinforcement
  • 10 den appearance
  • FALKE Perfect Fit"

Efnislýsing: 65% pólýamíð og 35% teygja