Floral jacquard jacket

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Color: BIT_39
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Bitte Kai Rand svartur stuttur sparilegur jakki 

Nánari lýsing: ,,Short, tailored jacket with a Mandarin collar and continuous button closure. The cut is simple and oriental inspired, which is emphasised by the jacquard woven fabric with a discreet floral motif. The fabric has stretch, which provides good movement. The jacket will add everyday elegance to any bottom part, and combined with the matching Floral Jacquard trousers, it will be part of a stylish suit.

Tight-fitting trousers with a wide waistband that makes them sit nicely across the stomach. There is a slit at the bottom of the trouser leg, which makes a small flare. The trousers are made of an oriental-inspired jacquard woven fabric with a discreet floral motif that makes them suitable for both everyday and party use. Create a simple look"

Efnislýsing: 62% rayon, 36% viskós og 2% teygja.